Most People Struggle To Start A New Relationship or Make One Last

We help singles and couples overcome the obstacles of their past relationships so they can have the long lasting & satisfying relationship they have always wanted.

Heal From Your Past

Build Confidence

Be Loved

Making A Relationship Work Shouldn’t Be So Difficult

Making A Relationship Work Shouldn’t
Be So Difficult

We help you understand why your relationships haven't worked out so you can heal from
them and build a long-term, happy relationship.

We help you understand why your relationships haven't worked out so you can heal from them and build a long-term, happy relationship.

We know what it feels like to be frustrated for a relationship not to work out.

Most people struggle to make a relationship work because they have unresolved issues from past relationships. You’ve likely wondered if there was relationship coaching that could help you understand what from your past is causing disruption in your relationships.

We know you want to become confident that you can have a healthy, long-term relationship, and it’s wrong to have to start over and over.

At InsidesMatch we get it. We understand how frustrating it can be to start over. We understand how hopeless you might be feeling.

We launched InsidesMatch in April of 2022, and since then, we've helped so many people just like you overcome their past trauma and issues and experience a healthy long-term relationship.

We are committed to helping you heal from your past so you can stop feeling hopeless about dating.

The process is simple:

1. Assess Your Past
2. Review The Results
3. Learn To Build A Healthy Relationship

Once you take the assessment, you’ll have taken the first step toward the long-lasting and satisfying relationship you have always wanted.

We believe everyone should be able to find a life partner, and you don’t deserve to let your past ruin relationships. We help you heal from your past and know yourself better so that you can find a long-lasting, satisfying relationship.

Take the assessment so we can get started.

"The insights I gained are invaluable and help me in my marriage and all my interactions with friends, family, and working relationships. I learned so much about myself, but I also better understand others. And I can use what I learned immediately in my day-to-day life! "


Dagmar Kusiak

Founder & Relationship Coach

About InsidesMatch

InsidesMatch started after my breakup with my fiancé in 2015. The photo you see was taken that year, and while I may appear content, deep down, I was struggling. I wanted to understand why my relationship fell apart, beyond thinking we grew apart or were too different. I was curious about the real reasons. I couldn’t stop thinking about this.

Our Mission:

At InsidesMatch, we want to help people understand themselves better, so they can have more satisfying relationships by identifying and resolving their past relationship issues through personalized assessments and expert coaching.

Our Vision:

We dream of being the best in the world at helping people build and nurture satisfying relationships. We want to set the standard for excellence in this field.

5 Reasons Why Most Relationships Fail
(& How To Avoid It)

Here’s what I learned on my journey

  1. Issues from our past relationships carry to our future relationships. If you don’t deal with the real issues from past breakups, they can affect your new relationships.

  2. Poor communication is a major reason that most relationships end. Whether you avoid conflict, have commitment issues, or are a peacemaker to the point of losing your identity, these patterns are connected to how close you got to people when you were growing up. Through self-awareness and effort, you can change how you connect with others.

  3. Love by itself is not enough for a happy, long-lasting relationship. It’s like a dance with two people. As a couple, you must both look at your behaviors and work on them. You need to know yourselves well to share similar values, dreams, and lifestyles.