Attract a Secure, Healthy Partner

Assess Your Past

Review The Results

Build A Healthy Relationship

Be Confident In Attracting &
Keeping The Right Partner

Be Confident In Attracting & Keeping The Right Partner

Step 1: Assess

Tonia Emery is a psychologist and an assessment creator who helps busy singles and couples understand why they struggle to start a new relationship or make one last. Most people struggle because of unresolved issues from their past relationships.

InsidesMatch has helped hundreds of clients learn why their relationships struggle. Our goal is to help make relationship success a reality by sharing our assessment with as many singles and couples as possible.

The assessment only takes 5-10 minutes to complete.
InsidesMatch Assessment Includes:

Step 2: Coaching Review

Review your results with a coach to get insights to know yourself better (and your partner) to understand why your relationships may be struggling. You will get a personalized plan to work through your relationship issues.

Step 3: Build

Knowing where you are at and how to improve, you will have the tools to build a long-lasting, satisfying relationship.

You have two options to build:

  • Option 1: Online Courses
  • Option 2: 1-1 Coaching

Option 1: Online Course

This is a comprehensive approach to helping you heal from your past relationships and navigate every step of your dating and relationship journey.

Topics Including: 

  • Understanding your attachment style
  • Healing past wounds to build confidence
  • Resisting change and how to overcome


What’s Included: 

Option 2: 1-1 Coaching

Our one-on-one coaching program helps you with your relationship issues and accelerates the process of attracting your desired relationship. It takes 12 sessions (via Zoom) to make a permanent change. You'll get a much more detailed assessment and course and have structured calls and tools to meet your goals.

"I did the InsidesMatch assessment, and it was so insightful and helped me understand myself and others in my life so much more clearly. I highly recommend the InsidesMatch assessment and online courses. They helped me to have much better communication with my spouse and friends and to have more compassion for others. "


Making A Relationship
Work Shouldn’t Be So Difficult

We are for anyone who wants to improve their relationships, specifically empaths who are prone to narcissists. Whether you are married, in a relationship, divorced, widowed, or single and have never been married, if you want to understand what may be holding you back from having a fantastic relationship, we can help you. 

If you are single, married, coupled, widowed, divorced, interested in dating, or not interested in dating but want to improve or understand why your relationships keep ending, InsidesMatch can help you.

It takes most people, on average, 5-10 minutes to complete. If English is your second language, it may take longer to complete. 

After you complete the assessment, the report will emailed to you so you can review your results. 

Yes, but only if you have purchased our – online courses package. 

Yes, we have seen positive changes in relationships, from married couples improving their communication to singles attracting the right partners. 

The short answer is it depends on your goals. If all you want to do is date, then dating coaching would be more helpful. If you want to attract the right partner and build a long-lasting relationship, we can help you. Our advantage over other companies is our assessment can quickly pinpoint what you need to work on, and we will give you the tools to move you in the right direction. 

We know our limitations. If you need further healing or have tendencies that a therapist or recovery center could help you with, we’ll send you their way so you can work them separately or alongside us. We have many resources to help you, along with our own tools so you are in good hands. 

Myers-Brigg, Enneagram, and DISC measure personality from different angles. We measure behaviors that cause your relationships to struggle or end. 

We are not a dating or matchmaking service. We don’t match you based on preferences with someone. LIke matchmaking services we can coach you through dating. The difference is that we are about helping you know yourself better through the InsidesMatch Assessment and services so you can attract the right partner and build a long-lasting relationship. 

Trust takes time to build. We want you to feel comfortable and, at a bare minimum, take the assessment to learn how to improve your relationships. If you feel more comfortable, you can schedule a review with us or jump right into the online course or coaching. Take your time, no rush. We’ll meet you where you are and guide you through your relationship journey so you can have a satisfying, long-lasting relationship.

After you take the assessment, you can join our singles community and meet people who are also working on themselves, like yourself. We also have workshops and events where you can meet other singles and improve dating and relationship skills. 

The first step is to take the assessment, and we’ll contact you afterward. We care about our clients and want to ensure they get the support they need. 

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