Hi, I'm Dagmar.
I'm a relationship coach who's purpose is to help single, driven professionals have fulfilled, balanced relationships.

Heal From Your Past

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Making A Relationship
Work For Driven People Shouldn’t Be So Difficult

Making A Relationship Work For High Achievers Shouldn’t
Be So Difficult

I see you struggling in the same way I did. As a career driven woman, I struggled with self-criticism, perfectionism, and balancing my career with relationships. I was unaware of my issues, which caused breakups and struggles in my romantic relationships. Breakups and failed dates can make us feeling lonely and sad about why our romantic relationships aren't working out. You are not alone if you also feel…

You Don’t Deserve To Start Over Again & Again


"This is the most amazing dating decision I ever made. Tired of going from one bad relationship to another & all of the disappointing results from dating apps, I almost gave up. But this company made sense, 'Explore yourself and figure out why.'"

You Deserve A Long Happy Relationship

"InsidesMatch saved me precious money and time by honing in on exactly where to focus my efforts to attain the results I desire."


"InsidesMatch saved me precious money and time by honing in on exactly where to focus my efforts to attain the results I desire."

JDR, 38

Relationship Coaching
For High Achievers



"I cannot recommend this program and company enough! I have participated with InsidesMatch from the very beginning, taking their assessment for myself and recommending it to my clients. I was completely surprised by the accuracy of the outcome of my assessment. It made me really reflect on how I was showing up in my marriage.”


Building A Long Lasting Relationship Should Be Easier

Step 1. Assess

Take this 5-10 minute assessment to learn more about yourself to start improving your relationships, present or to come.

Step 2. Book a Free Coaching Session

If you are willing to invest in yourself, book a free coaching session to talk about your relationship challenges and see if coaching may be right for you.

Step 3. Join Love Beyond Limits Coaching Program

Imagine being in a healthy relationship 6 months from now. You might wonder how? I have a 1-1 coaching program that will get you there sooner than you may think.

"Since my late 40's early 50's I started a journey to find myself. InsidesMatch helped fill in the gaps so I can start making real changes."


Build a Long-Term
Happy Relationship

Unresolved past issues can significantly impact a person's relationships. Identifying these issues will help you when starting a new relationship or maintaining a healthy one.

At InsidesMatch, we coach you to understand why your relationships haven't worked out and how to heal from them so you can build a long-term, happy relationship.

Dagmar Kusiak

Founder & Relationship Coach

"My husband and I both took the InsidesMatch Assessment in our ongoing journey of growing as a couple, learning to communicate more fluidly even though we are quite different from one another and sometimes struggle to understand where the other is coming from. I’m grateful for InsidesMatch!”


You Don't Deserve
Another Heartbreak

We help you avoid...

  • Another frustrating heartbreak
  • Wasting your time
  • Feeling sad and hopeless

5 Reasons Why Most Relationships Fail
(& How To Avoid It)

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